when technology

fallin in love

with art

we are not employee! we are corocot

Creative is not just related with technologies, graphics, colors, typography, aesthetics, philosophy, composition and all the dogma that binds all of it. Creative is about happiness and freedom!

We are people who love to see, think, and implement all dreams and fantasies into hope! Sometimes we makes stupid stuff for fun:)

We joined and emerged as the Rangers in this 2015. and we will never stop fighting the criminals idea and restraint of dogma composition! And we are the Rangers, will never cease to crack down on crime!! So,, make it more happiness!!

  • awan sekarlangit founder & creative ranger

there is another way to see the rules!

Founder, principal, and lead strategist, bringing years of C-level marketing experience to clients brands & businesses

A rare mix of Conceptor, Creator & Marketing Thinker that brings the lowdown on building rockstar rangers camp!

introduce my girlfriend, pencil!

this man handles the pencil with deep of heart. he is responsible for all creative output to combines the lines and color.

it's ingenuity and love for creative detail that make his talent.

when not cracking hilarious jokes, Johan spending time with his dog, Ringo.

  • johan yap illustration & visual graphic ranger

  • irfan gozhali mobile & database ranger

which will be, will be!

Irfan has many years’ experience as a mobile applications and data system, and loves to try out the latest technologies – which makes him ideally placed to decide precisely which one will provide the optimum input for our clients’ projects.

the detail devil

Ika plans, manages and responsible for the strategic development of our Lite department whilst using his vast experience to offer consultancy services.

Her drive for innovation, attention to detail and immaculate project management skills ensure a great front-end & backend also a smooth process during delivery

  • ika pangestika technical consultant ranger

  • jale ahmad system & security ranger

our lovely shy boy

He is a Computer Science graduate, He can exercise his powers with an armful of system and security, which makes him an extremely useful member of the team.

He is lovely shy boy from his mother's :)

keep calm and more fabulous

You can call him, Momo! Momo is passionate about usability and people's interaction with electronic devices. He is often one the first points of contact for new clients.

He is the ranger who managing the corocot accounts and ensuring people are where they should be.

  • eddy thang account executive ranger

Let's Fun

make design


the world

we craft fun digital experiences throughout the planet

We work in cycles. Build something nimble and let it grow, gradually, into something huge. We are always open to new inspiration. Thats why we are delighted to have people who not only have different skill sets on our team, but also who come from different parts of any disciplines.

We've helped businesses to craft honest, emotional experiences through strategy, brand development, graphic design, User Interface, User Experience and storytelling.

Our core expertise ranges from strategy and concept creation down to make it happen. In all project phases the focus is on the highest quality and a close, mutually-trusting cooperation with Our clients.

we are playing with

digital creative

We make the complex simple through digital strategy and design. We create products, platforms and campaigns that move products as well as culture.

Mobile Application • Website Development

User Interface • User Experience Design

Desktop Software • Platform

Digital Strategy • Social Campaign

branding communication

We design with a purpose, to help brands engage their consumer so they can build awareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration.

Branding Concept • Corporate Identity

Product Development • Visual Design

Advertising • Marketing Strategy

Offset Output • Digital Printing

visual graphic

We make the complex simple through digital strategy and design. We create products, platforms and campaigns that move products as well as culture.

Corporate • Product Photography

Video • Cinematography

Infographic • Typography

Poster • Gimmick



  • our creative process :

    just sit and relax, turn on the folks music.

close your eyes & enjoy every tone and rhythm.

You might think creativity starts with an idea, but the truth is that ideas don't arise in an intellectual vacuum.

If you want your brain to come up with innovative notions, you need to rest your soul and mind to be more relaxed.

This is the first step to start the miracles that will happen from the superb great works!.

count how many sheep that come out of the fold.

sometimes a lot of creative players who are thinking about how to become a creative process. whereas from simple things everything can happen.

try to relax deeper and deepest. Imagine you are in a vast meadow, and count how many sheep out of the fold.

enjoy every leaps from the fur clumps. behold joy and joke that exists among the sheep. and ....

  • wake up stup*d! you must finish the project!!!


head office

Graha Mampang Suite 101 1st Floor. Jl. Raya Mampang - South Jakarta

markas kecil

Komplek Ruko Lokasari Jl.Nusantara No. A12 Hankam Kelapa Dua - Depok

  • markas is not a place, it's a feeling

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